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If you could eat only one type of food for the rest of your life, what would you choose? How long do you think it would take before you got tired of it?

I would choose “Penang curry”, because it is one of my favorite foods. It is a thai curry that has a variety of vegetables, meat, and curry sauce. I usually get panang curry when I go to New Thai Ginger restaurant. I get it with a side of coconut soup. Rice also comes with it! Plus, Penang curry is a healthy dish with a lot of vegetables, so I don’t have to worry about eating too many carbs. 

I would probably get tired of it after a few weeks because eating the same thing over and over would be a bit boring. But it does have a lot of flavor and is very filling. I also really like the coconut soup that comes with it too! 

This is what it looks like (:

panang curry with chicken - glebe kitchen

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